PATONA Premium Power Supply 42V-2A 3-pin voor 36V E-Scooter

Roller Skateboard E-Bike

PATONA Premium Power Supply 42V-2A 3-pin voor 36V E-Scooter
25.00 *Prijzen zijn exclusief btw *Prijzen zijn exclusief btw
PATONA Premium Power Supply 42V 2A 3-pin voor 36V E-Scooter Roller Skateboard E-Bike

As a further product of our PATONA Premium series we present you our Hoverboard power supply. This has been specially developed with a view to high safety, quality and absolute reliability. They are ideal for professional and frequent users for permanent and flexible use with high performance and a long service life.

The claim of the PATONA brand is the highest level of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. The perfectly compatible replica power supplies naturally include all electronic safety precautions such as charge current limitation, temperature and overcurrent protection of the original power supplies and meet the highest European quality standards. Only high-quality and quality-tested plastics, cables and electronic components are used. PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even this new premium series of the brand can be purchased at affordable prices. With the new Premium series of the brand PATONA everyone, no matter if professional or hobby user, can acquire an extremely powerful product and thus a piece of exclusivity.

Technical data:
  • Input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
  • Output: 42V / 2A
  • Scope of supply: Power supply, power cable

The charger is suitable for:
  • - 36V batteries
  • - Electric vehicles
  • - E-bikes
  • - E-scooters
  • - Hoverboards Swagtron T1, T3, T7, T8, T9