Rental of E-Bikes

EBike ECO private, mainly intended for private individuals for city use, but also absolutely suitable as a workhorse.
City bike ECO (without front carrier)
EBike ECO for deliverers. Intended for all use but certainly suitable as a delivery workhorse.

Differences from the PRO model:

  • Cheaper in the rental price and in the purchase price
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Motor Front of 250W
  • Battery of 36V - 12.5Ah
EBike PRO for delivery drivers. Intended for all professional use but extremely suitable as a workhorse.

Differences with the ECO model:

  • Slightly more expensive in the rental price and in the purchase price
  • Better Hydraulic brakes
  • Stronger Motor Front of 350W
  • Bigger 36V - 20Ah battery for bigger distance

Bicycle cases are not included in standard ebike package

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Sales and rental will start at the end of 2022 when service and deliveries of parts and bicycles are stable